Cosmic Psychology is a facet of Cosmic History that refers to the psychology of the soul’s evolution. It is based on the premise that Cosmos is filled with Mind. It works in tandem with Cosmic Science to explore how the brain works and how the Mind evolves a personality from the workings of the brain.

Are we using our minds effectively? How do we activate the dormant parts of our brain? Why do humans behave the way they do? What are the steps for further integrating our human psyche, individually and collectively, into the natural cosmic order of planetary consciousness?

The brain is the computer or hardware, and the Mind serves as the grounding rod for different levels of consciousness. The thinking layer we are currently tuned to determines how we perceive what we are reading now. It also determines the types of questions we ask. The quality of our questions is key to accessing different thinking layers.

These thinking “layers” of the cosmos refer to the strata in the ocean of consciousness that interpenetrate different dimensions. These functions correlate with six mental spheres.

The six ( + 1) spheres exist independently and apart from the brain and body. The brain is a wireless receiver, or antennae, and can tune it into any number of “radio” stations.

Engaging with these mental spheres enhances our ability to connect with interdimensional information. As we reflect on the interplay of mental spheres, our experience becomes interactive and transformative. It shifts our perceptions and allows us to alter inner narratives that may no longer serve.

By conscious activation of our mental spheres, we expand our Mind and consciousness so that, bit by bit, our character begins to change.

Habitual or repetitive thoughts create our character. A particular belief system accrues habitual thought patterns. At this time, many people respond to life through habitual thought patterns that reside in the Unconscious, the second mental sphere.

If our unconscious is left unexamined, various forms of fundamentalism arise, not limited to religion but to multiple areas such as science.

Take religion as an example. If we accept beliefs handed down to us without introspection, it results in fundamentalism.

In other words, if we don’t question and reflect on our inherited beliefs or any other system of thought, and if our upbringing overshadows our learning, then religious teachings (or any teachings) are rotely repeated without genuine understanding or embodiment.

Many who live in the rote Unconscious become “frozen” at some point, or trauma creates a similar effect. At this point, they shut off the fresh incoming impulses as something makes them distrust their originality in favor of others’ opinions.

Once the conscious Mind impresses and accepts these thoughts, the diminishing capacity for original thought ensues.

Our initial creative spark begins to extinguish in favor of attempting to please others and valuing opinions from the external world above our inner voice. When this occurs, we veer further from our connection with the Source.

Most people live in this level of consciousness to some degree or another. This level of consciousness breeds discontentment and frustration, leading to behaviors such as blame, victimization, and projections onto others.

In its attempt to protect and survive, the body might develop physical holding patterns or restrictions as a reaction to emotional or physical trauma.

Trauma is connected to our emotional body and becomes trapped and crystallizes at a certain point in one’s life. Typically, it remains stored in our Unconscious until we are prepared to confront it.

The four main traumas are highlighted in the Telekonon prophecy of Pacal Votan; they relate to basic themes (and subthemes) related to sex, death, money, and power (or the abuse of).

By adjusting our perspective on trauma, we can transform our relationship with it, integrating the experience through a new self-perception. We can view our trauma as different colors in an artists palette that we use to paint a new picture of wholeness and to cultivate compassion for the pain of others. 

Cosmic psychology seeks to integrate fragmented circuits, activate dormant (or frozen) parts of the brain, and restore the creative imagination, allowing us to express ourselves authentically and, thus, unleash our creative genius. It also focuses on the cultivation of a new mental perceptual organ, the Holomind Perceiver (seventh mental sphere). But before we can access these higher levels of consciousness, purifying our waveform or frequency field is essential.