Why this Site Exists

Cosmic History was born of the urgency of our time. It reminds us that a whole other reality is available than what is presented to our five senses. But we must raise our frequency to perceive it.

The teachings of Cosmic History were born through the memory of the shattering of Maldek, now the Asteroid Belt. But this memory was recognized as a fractal of the memory of previous cataclysms embedded in the human mind from other times and worlds. We are now on the brink of similar replays. What we are experiencing in this world today is nothing new. We have been here before.

This site seeks to pull the multiple threads of this vast system into one whole. It offers codes and keys to awaken your process of memory retrieval. A whole other narrative is playing out than what the world presents to us. Truth has to be found from within by each individual. No person or system can do it for you. There is no substitute for direct experience.

This site offers keys and codes to break free from conditioned time loops and upgrade our internal operating system so that we may see the whole instead of the (fragmented) parts.

We are constantly navigating through a maze of increasing information that we attempt to decipher. In a world so focused on the outer world, this site invites you to explore the inner side of life and its hidden symbols, mathematics, and synchronic codes. Self-knowledge is the path to ultimate knowledge in all areas.

Cosmic History invites us to examine beliefs instilled within us and dispel the false narratives and personas that have enslaved us in this illusionary world. Just because we exist in the same timespace does not mean we all experience the same universe.

The knowledge contained in Cosmic History is multiple and crosses many thresholds of human consciousness. The multiplicity of the fields of knowledge has required us to refer to this body of work as “Cosmic History.” Still, it covers many areas of investigation and creative endeavor. It is mathematical; it is magical; it is scientific; it is mythic; it is spiritual; it is philosophical; it is logical; it is imaginative. But above all, it is in service to love that this knowledge is presented.

Cosmic History is the self-reflection of the Cosmos.

The Cosmos is within you.

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your self-transformation. –Lao Tzu


This site is dedicated to the continuance of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Without him, none of this knowledge would be.

Behind his prolific writing, art, and visionary work lies the mind of a whole systems scientist.

A scientist of whole systems is one who investigates phenomena – of any type – as functions of a larger, coordinating order of reality, and who knows that this order of reality is rationally and logically knowable and capable of being objectified.

This is the basic premise of holonomics, the study of the law governing whole systems. The law of holonomics underpins all facets of the Law of Time, the 13 Moon calendar and Cosmic History.

Unity, as a principle, defines the universe and ultimately governs the evolution and purpose of all life within a single cosmic order.


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