The Law of Time informs Cosmic History.

The Law of Time is a universal principle. It states that the galaxy and everything in it is held together by one common timing frequency, a 13:20 ratio constant, which binds the entire universe in a harmonious tapestry of synchronic unity.

This 13:20 ratio can be seen in the human body, which has thirteen main articulations and twenty fingers and toes.

In contrast, modern civilization operates according to an artificial, irregular mechanistic timing frequency, represented by the 12:60 ratio (12-month calendar, 60-minute clock).

This artificial frequency governs the predominant belief system of our current civilization. It perpetuates the belief that the third dimension is the only reality and promotes conformity and uniformity of thought.

To align with the 13:20 frequency is to reorient ourselves with the natural rhythms of the universe, to shift from the mechanistic, linear perception of time to a more cyclic, synchronistic understanding.

Synchronic Order

The Law of Time reveals the “synchronic order” as the cosmic ordering principle of synchronicity.

This principle is grounded in a universal mathematical system that informs all existence and adheres to a precise set of coded patterns.

To return to 13:20 Natural Time is to reconnect to the Universal Pattern of the Cosmos.

The Universal Pattern is experienced as the Synchronic Order, where beauty, order, and harmony reign supreme.

12:60 and 13:20 Frequencies

The numbers 1260 and 1320 are keys to the discovery of the Law of Time and the prophecy of Pacal Votan.

Pacal’s tomb remained sealed for precisely 1,260 years before its opening in 1952 (having been sealed in 692 AD), and 1,320 years passed from that point until 2012.

José Argüelles, the chief discoverer of this knowledge and promoter of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar, passed away precisely 1,328 years after Pacal’s passing in 683 AD.

These are examples of the synchronic order.

Tzolkin: Harmonic Module

A key factor of the Law of Time is the Tzolkin (sacred count), a 260-unit matrix that operates on a 13:20 ratio. The Tzolkin is a multidimensional gauge that unlocks a deeper understanding of the synchronic order.

The Tzolkin, also known as a harmonic module, is composed of a repeating cycle of 20 symbols, called Solar Seals, and 13 numerical values, known as Galactic Tones. Together, they form the fabric of the Tzolkin.

The Thirteen Moon calendar is perfectly synchronized with the 260-unit Tzolkin.

13 Moons

The Law of Time states that the purpose of calendars is to synchronize us in time according to various cycles whose harmonic numbers extend from and return us to a Higher Mental Order of Reality.

The 13 Moon/28-day Calendar, a synchronometer, is a synchronic timekeeping system in harmony with natural and cosmic rhythms.

At its height, the Maya civilization operated by at least seventeen calendars, or synchronometers—”measurers of synchronicity or the synchronic order.”

The simultaneous use of any number of calendars can be synchronized with the 13:20 harmonic matrix.

The 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer is embedded within the synchronic order.

The synchronic order includes the chronological order but enfolds it into a higher mental and mathematical order of reality.

The 12:60/13:20 presents a new level of discrimination for our minds. Whether or not you adopt this system, it still exists; contemplating it can expand our minds and broaden our understanding of our multidimensional universe.

The Law of Time states:

1. Time is the universal factor of synchronization.
2. T(E) = Art, energy factored by time equals art.
3. The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite.

If you are new to this there are many free resources on You may wish to read Time and the Technosphere: the Law of Time in Human Affairs.

For further study on the basic principles see 13 Moon Essentials.

Law of Time and Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

José Argüelles put forth that the whole Earth is now encapsulated in this artificial frequency that is destroying our planet by disrupting the homeostasis which keeps everything in balance.

When the homeostasis is sufficiently disturbed, then a shift is inevitable. He felt that the multi-leveled world “crisis” is actually the effect of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

Russian astrophysicist V.I. Vernadsky first put forth the concept of the biosphere-noosphere transition. He foresaw a moment in the evolution of self-reflective thought when a level of “planetary consciousness” is finally attained, transforming the biosphere into the noosphere (mind sphere). This moment can only be attained consciously and self-reflectively.

In a 2009 article, José wrote:

“… when we speak of the advent of the noosphere we are referring to the mental disclosure of a new cosmically generated holographic field fractal – one that will replace the old one. All it would take for this to occur is a momentary break in the planetary electromagnetic field brought about by an immense Coronal Mass Ejection, or even a shift in the Sun’s polar magnetism.

In that momentary rupture of the terrestrial electromagnetic field, many negative conditioned beliefs (memories) would be erased or severely scrambled, and, more significantly, a new operating holographic field fractal might be instantaneously set in place. In this way, the next wave of cosmic evolutionary intelligence would reveal itself.”