Cosmic History is the history of harmony; it’s the history of multidimensional creation. It points to a new definition of reality in which the totality of the universe is returned to wholeness.

Cosmic History is rooted in the synchronic order of the Law of Time.

History is chronological time. Post-history is synchronological.

Consider that much of human “thought” is merely the recirculation of conditioned perceptions locked in by linear programming. To break out of this repetitive loop requires self-reflection.

When we study ourselves and uncover the layers of our programming, we might find that we now disbelieve what we formerly held as true. The more consistent our self-reflection, the deeper the layers of knowledge that we are given access to.

When we quiet our mind for long enough we might discover that time not only flows, it radiates!

If we continue this practice we might find that past and future disappear into the experience of the ever-present Now.  This is the nature of the synchronic order.

Cosmic History demonstrates that every level of reality exists simultaneously within the cosmos. This means that at any given moment, the universe is unified by that singular instance.

The easiest way to understand Cosmic History is by contemplating that:

Cosmos = Absolute

History = Relative.

The Absolute and relative are like the bookends that enclose vast fields and levels of knowledge.

The Absolute Order of reality is responsible for the manifestations and appearances of the universe and mental phenomenon.

As self-reflective beings, we are the bridge between the Absolute and relative or between cosmos and History.

Cosmos also refers to Order or the Order of the Absolute.

History refers to chronological records (which are relative).

The Absolute refers to G.O.D., Galactic Ordering Dynamic; the Omnidirectional Superintelligence behind all worlds, forms, and realities as we know it. G.O.D. can only be realized from the inner space of one’s being.

From the vantage point of Cosmic History, what we call human history is the history of how materialism takes over human consciousness.

Materialism means the belief in only the third-dimensional material plane. This materialist belief system doesn’t consider the spiritual or unseen worlds. The materialist belief system is the unquestioned, unspoken belief system that governs our world. This is the system of the 12:60 frequency that dictates to us the parameters that we are allowed to think or discuss concerning the physical nature of reality and being.

This belief system is locked into place by a mechanical framework or construct, which is held in place by the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock. This is the 12:60 frequency. It’s an artificial construct placed over our perceptual lens.

Consider that all we have been taught about reality was generated within an artificial timing frequency: the 12:60. This means that we must reconsider everything, even perceptions we take as second nature.

If you are reading this, you are likely one who is searching beyond what is known to find a greater vision. Cosmic History helps provide this greater vision.