When we begin to explore the vast capacity of our mind and how to consciously operate and direct it, then our perception of reality shifts; we can actually change the movie that is playing in our mind. 

In learning how to work with and control our thought waves, we can learn how our mind functions and learn to shift perception at will, like changing radio stations. 

To harness the energies of the mind and ground them into the body,  it is helpful to have a working model.  

Cosmic Science 

According to Cosmic Science (a branch of Cosmic History), mind consists of six mental spheres located in the brain. The center of each sphere is made up of analphs or electrical fluids that give rise to thinking. 

Cosmic Science describes thought as a series of analphic engravings. 

What most people label “thinking” is actually just recalling or replaying memories of the past, or planning the future.

According to Cosmic Science, a thought is more than an invisible set of words but an electronic line of force. Electronic lines of force represent different levels of consciousness. “Thinking” is the inbuilt human capacity to receive information and to deliberate or examine information to determine what, if any, kind of logical construct might arise and what the implications of these logical constructs might be.

Cosmic thoughts are referred to as mentation waves. A mentation wave is a configuration of telepathic potentialities, independent of language.

Each mental sphere holds specific qualities of  information that conduct different thinking layers or dimensions of reality. The questions we ask depend on which thinking layer we are attuned to.  In this model, the human is understood as  a facet,  texture or layer in the cosmos representing the particular transition from unconscious to conscious to superconscious.

Six Mental Spheres

The six mental spheres go through the following stages 1) preconscious;  2) unconscious; 3) conscious; 4) continuing consciousness; 5) superconscious; 6) subliminal conscious, until finally, we reach the hidden seventh: the Holomind Perceiver.

These mental spheres link our third-dimensional physical body, fourth-dimensional holon/etheric body, and fifth-dimensional electric or plasma rainbow body.

These three bodies communicate through the 6 (+1) mental spheres.

This also presents a model illustrating how our Mind is connected with the Earth’s Mind, the Noosphere.

Brain Antennae

In this model, the  brain is understood as a wireless receiver or antennae and can tune into any number of radio stations; but consciousness itself exists in the “field,” not in the brain.

Radio stations refer to the various “thinking layers of the cosmos.”

Just as a radio does not produce the music it plays but instead picks up the signal from a remote source, the brain,  tunes into consciousness from a “field” that can be understood as the field of the Noosphere, or an electromagnetic spectrum on which various “radio stations” broadcast.

The “radio stations” symbolize different levels or dimensions of consciousness or knowledge. Each station (or thinking layer) offers different frequencies of thought or   states of awareness that unlock different facets of knowledge.

For the “brain antenna” to effectively pick up the signals from these cosmic stations, one needs to be in a certain state of mental and emotional clarity. Distortions (like fear, prejudice, ego, etc.) can interfere with the signal, much as physical obstructions can cause interference in actual radio reception.

The primary purpose of working with the mental spheres is to learn who and what we are, how our mind functions and the capability of our mind.

Here is a brief description of the  6 (+1) mental spheres; studied as a whole they describe   a Cosmic Psychology.


Within this sphere lies our untapped psychic potential, often referred to as our “paranormal” abilities.

What we label “paranormal” would not be so “far out” if our minds were unclouded and our senses fully awakened. Contemplating our dormant powers helps our minds envision a higher plane of existence. Yogis articulate these powers as “siddhis,” which include abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, bilocation, and interdimensional communication.

While these paranormal capabilities are intrinsic evolutionary possibilities, they are not the end goal of evolution itself. Within the realm of the Noosphere, these functions are considered standard, much like synchronicity.

The Preconscious, as the first mental sphere, serves as the resonance chamber for the physical body. Here, our latent powers are nurtured and housed.

This sphere is also a repository for karmic patterns, past life experiences or memories, archetypal remembrances, and other foundational, instinct-driven programs.

The Preconscious is also the realm of precognition, closely aligned with resonant attunement. Resonant attunement operates on a precognitive plane outside of linear constructs. It is significant to note that the Preconscious directly connects to the psi bank’s evolutionary timing programs.


The Sphere houses our conditioned reflexes and acquired thought patterns. This includes memories or experiences that might have once been conscious but have since been repressed and faded from daily consciousness.

Input that comes to us each day is filtered through his mental sphere. And if it is unexamined, then the information can become distorted.

Every perception and experience is recorded, but only a fraction is registered in our conscious awareness.

Given the vast volume of sensory input we receive daily, our conscious Mind cannot retain and process it all. Hence, it’s archived in the Unconscious.

The Unconscious is also the storage place of our trauma, fears, and repressed emotions.

Much of humanity operates by a belief system rooted in the Unconscious. Most inherit these unconscious belief systems at an early age and repeat it over and over. This can include dormant biases and preconceptions about reality. When such beliefs are accepted without introspection, they dictate reactions and behaviors.

A preconception is a presumption based on unexamined conditioning rather than grounded in direct perception or logical reasoning.

If unchecked, these preconceptions can govern human thought and emotion. They operate on auto-pilot based on past patterns or in repetitive neural circuits (time loops).

This is why waking up to our programming or “preassigned” scripts is essential; otherwise we may be unconsciously supporting narratives that do not serve the greater awakening.

According to the Law of Time, these unconscious, conditioned programs are reinforced by living in an artificial timing frequency, locking us into repetitive time loops unless we consciously make an effort to change.

“You only advance according to your effort.”

One simple way to become conscious is to make daily efforts to replace negative patterning or thoughts with positive ones.  This takes consistent mental discipline. The unconscious must be brought into the full consciousness if we are to free our psychic energy and release our inherent power.


This sphere encompasses our daily awareness, driven primarily by sensory input. It deals with fleeting and moment-to-moment awareness and responds to present stimuli.

Conscious” can be defined as “possessing knowledge of.”

While “conscious” and “consciousness” have been central to Eastern philosophy and religion for ages, they only gained traction in Western philosophical discourse around the 1500s.

This mental sphere is called the free will sphere. Within it, one has the choice to evolve or remain in habitual patterns. Additionally, it serves as the locus for the ego personality.

Unless one recognizes the ego as an illusory construct, transitioning to the full capabilities of the fourth mental sphere becomes a challenge. To advance into continuing consciousness, extending to the superconscious, subliminal, and hyperorganic realms, it’s imperative to transcend the confines of a conditioned personality and ego tendencies.


This sphere embodies disciplined concentration.

Concentration entails centering the Mind on a singular idea and focusing intently on it for an extended period until it seamlessly integrates into daily consciousness.

Discriminating wisdom is also related to the third and fourth mental spheres; the conscious Mind and continuing conscious.

Buddhists refer to this as “prajnaparamita” or discriminating intelligence. Discriminating intelligence is activated in the fourth mental sphere, where communications with the higher self occur.

In this sphere, we can begin to tune into cosmic radio stations (or thinking layers of the cosmos). Our inherent higher “essence” self guides us towards experiences that aid in fulfilling various facets of our life’s mission.

Continuing consciousness is the ability to sustain focused awareness of a specific mental structure or thought pattern over an extended period, allowing for the realization to be embodied.

At this stage, we remain aware of our role in the grand cosmic design and we no longer fall into fear states or conceptual errors.

When the Mind stabilizes through meditation, we enter our innate state of non-meditation.

Here, we may experience unity with nature — merging with flowers, trees, rivers, and mountains, feeling a profound interconnectedness with all that is. This mirrors the state of “samadhi,” often spoken of by yogis.

Continuing consciousness is the first step into cosmic or super consciousness. The codes of the Law of Time and the synchronic order are pivotal in anchoring our continuing consciousness within the 13:20 time framework in which this knowledge is rooted.


This sphere represents the fifth-dimensional Higher Self, often referred to as the electronic or plasma rainbow body. It functions as the receiving station for telepathic transmissions and is the cornerstone of cosmic consciousness.

While the fourth mental sphere assists in stabilizing the “Gap” — the space between thoughts — the fifth mental sphere constantly resides within this space. This space is also known as self-existing universal awareness.

When we enter this superconscious space between thoughts for an extended period, we might be invited into a telepathic classroom where we can learn to project new images into the third dimension.

While continuing consciousness still has to do with organizing third/fourth-dimensional timespace, the superconscious transcends this, representing a meta-consciousness beyond the confines of timespace.

The fifth mental sphere directs the third and fourth mental spheres.

Together, these three spheres (3, 4, and 5) anchor the triadic self within a plane of a higher operating reality:

The third-dimensional physical body

The fourth-dimensional holon or etheric body

The fifth-dimensional plasma rainbow body

Each of the higher dimensions integrates the attributes of the lower dimensions.

Superconscious points to an omniscient state of Mind. It contains the capacity for radar sensitivity of the whole field of reality. This sphere is increasingly activated with the advent of the noosphere and is characterized by its entirely holistic perception. At this stage, the universe has been reformulated within the individual.


Subliminal means “below the threshold.” This sphere, or plane of the Mind, processes signals and thought frequencies beyond the meta-sensory threshold of our third-dimensional sensory body.

The sixth mental sphere is the locus for reprogramming our conditioned third-dimensional conditioning and repatterning our neural network. This sphere also serves as the home for the telepathic scanning system and the medium for interdimensional transmission.

Operating subliminally means functioning independently of the past and future, embodying complete presence. This facilitates communications with beings operating in other star systems, cosmic civilizations, and/or dimensions. In essence, everything converges into energy fields, encompassed by the principle of “in Lakech”: I am another yourself. 

The Subliminal Conscious is where déjà vu experiences arise. They manifest as fleeting events or sensations in our minds that are out of the scope of our immediately accessible third-dimensional consciousness.

These are the flickers of memory that disappear before a tangible recollection forms. The fleeting sensation hints at other times and places. The feeling is strangely familiar and evokes feelings of having been in that situation before.

Since the subliminal consciousness operates independently of the past and future, we can consciously connect with it by quieting our minds and tuning into the peripheral “noise.”

One might discern high-pitched sounds, buzzing, or intuitive flashes on the periphery. A sense of “downloads” or telepathic transmissions may occur in this space. When such experiences occur, it’s essential to remain grounded and not overemphasize their significance.

The knowledge of parallel universes or communications from other galactic brains resides within the subliminal consciousness, specifically in the sixth mental sphere.

The Dynamics of Time defines parallel universes as “co-existent thought moments to whatever thought-moments we have. Parallel universes can be experienced as a prolonged visualization in the continuing consciousness.”


This is our newly evolving sensory organ, often referred to as our sixth sense—a noospheric sensing apparatus. It is situated in the corpus callosum, representing our highest 5D essence, often considered the repository of our soul memories, akin to the Akashic records.

Holomind Perceiver is the sensing device of the Noosphere. It contains  all of the other mental spheres.

The Holomind Perceiver accelerates our transition into radial consciousness; and
facilitates the shift from ego consciousness into the transpersonal, noospheric dimensions. Operating on this plane, we overcome the dualistic biases ingrained by the binary programming of our brain’s right and left hemispheres.