Cosmic History is a between-the-worlds transmission. 

The following is the vision that opened the vast doorway of Cosmic History.

On March 12, 2002, Kin 173, José Argüelles/Valum Votan had a vision accompanied by what he called an “optical,” when colorful geometric shapes replaced his field of vision. 

He began to narrate what he saw to me. It felt like he was viewing a parallel life through a thick interplanetary mirror. He recounted his experience of how life was lived, simultaneously, on this planet and another planet. Then, he saw the scenes change. Suddenly, the civilization of Maldek (now the Asteroid Belt) appeared to him right before its destruction. 

He saw a form of humanoids moving through constructs similar to modern day city blocks. They were engaged in activities that appeared identical to those of the present Earth world. However, it soon became apparent that the activities were entirely different than what he first perceived. The beings appeared simultaneously frantic, ecstatic, and oblivious. They seemed unaware of great impending doom. 

When the intensity subsided, Votan explained that the leaders who are conducting the affairs on Planet Earth have the potential of repeating the disastrous catastrophes of Maldek and Mars. We understood that these catastrophes were but a fractal of cyclical events that had happened in other times and worlds.

Because of this potential replay, we were called together to bring forth the knowledge contained in what we would later call “Cosmic History.” 

Cosmic History is a continuation of the Law of Time, which traces our present civilization back to the “theft in time,” an interplanetary event that extends to larger cycles and other worlds. 

This “theft in time” is also known as the “Fall”(from sacred to profane).This theft split the brain’s two hemispheres (yin and yang, night and day, male and female). When this “theft” occurred, the balance of equality was lost, and the energies became dominated by the left brain (male). This “theft of time” accounts for the active suppression of knowledge throughout history. 

The Cosmic History transmissions were the vehicle to connect the points of lost consciousness between Maldek and present-day Earth. The purpose of these transmissions was to establish the GM108X lineage to engender a new consciousness and knowledge base on planet Earth. GM108X = Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. 

This vision set forth the initial 260-day Cosmic History transmission from José Argüelles/Valum Votan to Stephanie South, March 13, 2002 (Kin 174) – November 28, 2002 (Kin 174)

Valum Votan refers to an interdimensional doorway; it is the archetypal name of José Argüelles.

Pacal Votan and Red Queen tombs

The unique tomb of Pacal Votan, comparable only to the tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza, was discovered on June 15, 1952, Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror. 

Pacal Votan incarnated at the peak of the cycle of the Galactic Maya 1,300 years ago, from 603-683, an 80-year cycle. Pacal Votan was a contemporary of Muhammad and Pramodavajra, who brought the teaching of Dzogchen, the highest mind teaching that exists on the planet. In its pure form, Dzogchen is galactic, and planet Earth represents the thirteenth world system it came to. 

The discovery of Pacal’s tomb was initiated in 1949 in the Temple atop the Pyramid of Inscriptions when archaeologist Alberto Ruz cleared a large pile of rubble and noticed a tile tube sticking up from the ground. 

This tube, it was discovered, ran from the tomb at the bottom of the Temple of the Inscriptions, up the side of the stairs, all the way to the floor of the temple on top. This tube, which Ruz called a “psychoduct,” became known as Telektonon or Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. 

The tomb of the Red Queen was discovered 42 years later in Temple XIII, adjacent to the west side of the nine-storied Temple of the Inscriptions. The name Red Queen was given because the sarcophagus lid painted red was also red on the inside. When the lid was lifted, red powder (cinnabar) flew everywhere into the air, revealing the skeletal remains of a female, the “Red Queen.” Her skeleton was surrounded by sumptuous amounts of jade, pearl, and other semi- precious stones and shells. 

Unlike the tomb of Pacal, which is laden with hieroglyphic inscriptions—neither the temple, the crypt, nor the sarcophagus of the Red Queen bears a single inscription.

The virtually identical sarcophaguses were outfitted with a jade mask in Pacal’s tomb and a malachite mask in the Red Queen’s tomb. The female mask was shattered, and the male mask was intact. The inscribed tomb details points of passage from previous world systems, the other represents the future yet to be inscribed. See The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time by Stephanie South. 


First Cosmic History Transmission Notes:

Cosmic History is a teaching of liberation. 

Cosmic History mission:

To transmit and establish in its entirety the new foundation of human knowledge completely in accord with the Law of Time; and to train and prepare the lineage holder of this transmission, otherwise known as GM108X.

Cosmic History is the sum of the codes of human knowledge in conformity with the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission on com- prehending as a whole, the moral, imaginal, and phenomenal universes.

1) Universe going from one harmonic state to another. 2) A self-reflective reflex of cosmic memory.

3) Cosmic History investigates: What is a memory? What are we trying to remember? How do we remember?

4) The root is a psychophysical premise. Everything reduces down to sensory data and what our mind does with it.

5) The normative function of mind and senses is to make things more harmonic.