The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time- Ebook

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Are we time travelers with amnesia?

What has been forgotten? What are we here to remember?

How do we find and walk the inner path of the Greater Dream?

Since childhood, Stephanie South was fascinated by time and time travel and dreamed about living with a wizard in the woods, learning the secrets of the Universe. She was a seeker of the path unseen. After a series of dreams of a mysterious man teaching her time travel, she met Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. She recognized him as the man in her dreams.

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time takes the reader beyond the realm of conditioned illusions into the heart of a new time where buried treasures of lost memory are retrieved. With refreshing honesty, the author offers a glimpse into her initiatic journey and relationship with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in transmitting the GM108X mind lineage. Her direct experience serves as a template and invitation to self-reflection about your inner journey and place within the larger cosmic design.

This book affirms that we can never find the Truth without seeking it—a must-read for modern-day spiritual seekers, secret dreamers, lost time travelers, and creative beings in all dimensions.

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