Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a rejection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest most sublime aspirations.—José Argüelles

To “activate our inner avatar” implies the necessity of a conscious shift from ordinary awareness to a heightened state of continuing consciousness. This means that no matter what we are doing throughout the day or who we are with, we always remain awake and aware of a Greater Reality than what is presented to us.

The second volume of Cosmic History Chronicles is called Book of the Avatar. 

In this case, the Avatar refers to our higher self, our rainbow body, not a computer-generated representation of a user in a virtual world.

The Avatar reminds us that the doorways and portals to dimensions of a mind imperceivable to everyday consciousness can only be accessed by learning to dwell in the higher planes of reality.

These higher planes are actually inner states of being, levels of consciousness that transcend the mundane and ordinary.

To maintain a state of Continuing Consciousness is not about disconnection from the world but a profound reconnection to a larger Order of Reality that permeates and transcends our everyday experiences.

How to Activate and Embody Our Inner Avatar: Law of 3

The first step in bridging our third-dimensional mind with our fifth-dimensional avatar involves understanding the Law of Holonomics: The whole is in the part; the part is in the whole.

This concept is the foundational premise for Cosmic History and the Law of Time. We consistently strive to think and perceive holistically. By learning to master our inner world (mental, emotional, subconscious patterns) we influence the outer world.

Within Cosmic History, the laws of 3 and 7 are key to activating our inner avatar.

3 x 7 = 21 (the unity of totality)

In this instance, we will focus on the Law of 3.

The first step is to draw attention to our three main bodies:

The third-dimensional body is the sensory flesh and blood physical body.

The fourth-dimensional body is our holon, our subtle body; it’s the invisible part of ourselves where we think and dream.

The fifth-dimensional body is our electric body, our plasma rainbow body.

The 5D body is always awake and aware; it awaits the 3D body to wake up and align. The 4D body is the bridge.

The synchronic order encompasses the totality of the fourth dimension and is, therefore, a bridge to other dimensions.

(Dimensions, here, signify rates of vibration and awareness. Of course there are dimensions beyond this to explore. But understanding and integrating these three bodies is a key to unlocking other facets and dimensions of being).

This triadic formation has been articulated in many different ways by ancient seers and mystics and within sacred texts, such as the Bible and the holy trinity, and the trikaya in Buddhism.

In Pythagorean teachings, the triad or triangle is made up of the monad and dyad.

Monad is derived from the Greek word “Monas,” which means “one.” It is the symbol of the Divine Father. It is viewed as the Primordial Being. It represents unity, indivisibility, and the eternal wholeness of the Divine.

The dyad, on the other hand, symbolizes the Divine Mother. From the Mother, the one becomes many, representing the cosmos’ natural binaries – male and female, dark and light, creation and destruction.

The third element in the Pythagorean triad is androgynous, combining male and female aspects. It symbolizes God giving birth to new worlds, thus encapsulating the unity of the Divine Father (Monad) and the Divine Mother (Dyad).

It is the point of balance, the resultant harmony, and the reconciliation of polarities. All polarities are resolved in resonance (Law of 7).

The first three of the seven radial plasmas form this triad in the Law of Time.

Dali (crown chakra) represents the Divine Father (monad).

Seli (root chakra) signifies the Divine Mother.

Gamma (third eye) is the union of divine masculine and divine feminine. It represents the balancing point of polarity that opens the third eye.

To activate and integrate this triad, we can focus on the sensation of heat at our crown chakra (Divine Father descending) and the sensation of light at our root chakra (Divine Mother ascending).

Envision this heat being drawn down from the Sun into our crown chakra while the light is generated from the center of the Earth and pulled up through our root chakra.

Experience the intermingling of descending heat and ascending light within your body. This heat and light eventually converge at your third eye, achieving perfect balance and opening your ‘second sight.’