The form of outer expression is a direct mirror of what is occurring inside.

True artists have an inner calling to create and in so doing are entered into the deeper mysteries.

Many people have a narrow idea of what art means. Some feel it is limited to the material plane, like a painting or a song.

Art, as defined by Cosmic History, refers to different sets of codes taking various forms that appropriately affect the senses.

At the higher dimensional levels, these codes are expressed as different mathematical ratios, broken down into sensory modalities.

Those modalities exist so that different states of mind and consciousness can be projected through sensory structures to affect and elevate consciousness.

What we call modes of expression (color, form, sound, etc.) represent different codes of a higher dimensional reality.

These codes are stepped down and made perceptible as specific frequencies in a spectrum or electromagnetic wavelengths and resonances.

These coded structures are integrated into our forms and habits of living.

Most art communicates subliminally; the purer and more attuned the art form and artist, the more subliminal communication there will be in artistic expression.

Attached are five drawings and meditations by Valum Votan who believed that all true art is an expression of the evolutionary process of the universe.

Consider making a drawing and meditation of your own.

Download Nature as the Art of Telepathy