Invitation to a Noosphere Experiment

Dream the Future Awake
Calling Forth a New Planetary Narrative
Beginning Now

The dream that we dream is shaped by the time that we keep. —Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

The moment is NOW. We stand between two worlds—one, a luminous realm of magic, synchronicity, and wholeness, and the other, a fragmented time loop of shattered worlds and forgotten dreams.

This is a call to form a Noosphere Node and actively engage in “dreaming the future awake.”

This planetary experiment officially commences Kin 1, Self Existing Moon 4/October 21, 2023. Though it will be ongoing. 

This Day begins a 2080-day psi bank cycle that concludes July 2, 2029. 2080 = 260 x 8. This, plus one 23-day biotelepathic cycle, concludes the 9-year vision map on the Day out of Time 2029: Blue Planetary Night.

     The psi bank is the nervous system of the noosphere. The psi bank, the governing order of the biosphere and the noosphere, can only be triggered telepathically – Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

Change will ultimately come from within the people, not from government or institutions. Our task is to attune ourselves to a deeper narrative that may otherwise be overlooked. This deeper narrative is in alignment with a Greater Dream connected to the cycles of Nature and the Noosphere, the interactive intelligence system of the planet. 

Where are We? 

We are 11 years from the prophesied date, December 21, 2012, and our multi-leveled planetary crisis is so immense that many feel overwhelmed and immobilized. Many are feeling that a monumental shift or event is on the horizon. This brings an escalation of unexamined collective and personal thoughts and emotions surfacing.

The major world conflict stems from a polarization of consciousness. This is a fractal of the split hemisphere of the brain, which in turn is a fractal of the split between masculine and feminine. 

As we continue to witness the destabilization of the world mind and the institutionalization of its dysfunctions through increasing immersion in artificial constructs and perceptions of reality, we are reminded that a parallel reality is playing out simultaneously.

Multiple dimensions or parallel realities coexist within our current space. The main difference between them is their vibrational frequency. As we raise our own vibrational energy, our awareness expands, allowing us to perceive these otherwise hidden realms.

The day Science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of existence.” —Nikola Tesla/Blue Self-Existing Night

What is the Noosphere? 

The term “noosphere” is derived from the Greek word “nous,” meaning “mind” or “intellect,” and “sphere,” referring to a shell or layer. It was popularized by thinkers like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Vladimir Vernadsky, and others to describe the emergent sphere of human thought and collective consciousness enveloping the Earth.

To be conscious of the Noosphere is to be in resonance with the mind of Gaia—the planetary intelligence.

The Noosphere represents a higher telepathic consciousness that we live and move through, whether we’re aware of it or not. Presently, its presence is mostly latent, residing in our collective unconscious. 

Rather than being just an external concept, the Noosphere also symbolizes an inner, elevated dimension of our minds, implying that the mind isn’t bound by physical space.

To “engage” with the Noosphere means to become conscious of this interconnected network and to tap into our inherent inherent capabilities.

When we learn to attune our minds and “draw from” the Noosphere, we begin to experience a whole system field of intelligence, of which the Internet is the prototype. 

Similar to Earth, we function like a cosmic radio, receiving and transmitting information to and from the core channel.

Our awareness serves as a bridge, helping balance the planetary crystalline grid, receiving and implementing instructions from the Divine Source.

The key is to cultivate a state of “continuing consciousness”, where we no longer fall asleep into the world of illusion. In this state we are always awake to the larger context and broader (Noospheric) perspective.

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan brought attention to the Noosphere in the Western world with his final book, Manifesto for the Noosphere:  

The continued exponential acceleration of the technosphere will continue to play its part in pushing Earth to its limits while creating more insanity from within the human social constitution. We can expect more earth changes, political disruptions, tensions, wars, and rumors of war. But don’t expect anything to ever be normal again. Homo sapiens has had its day. Homo noosphericus is on the horizon. To understand this most positively, we must prepare in the only way we can—by turning to a more thoroughly spiritual way of life and thinking outside of the box!

He pointed out that television and the Internet comprise the virtual Noosphere, with television being the virtual cognizing mind of planetary beings and the Internet its communication storage and retrieval or “virtual psi bank.”

Psi bank can be understood as the nervous system of the Noosphere. It represents a system of information storage and regulation coded by the 13:20 universal timing frequency and adjusted to the 260-day Tzolkin matrix on Earth.

The sole purpose of the 13-moon/28-day calendar is to help the human to attune to a higher cosmic frequency: 13:20. This is the natural time frequency that sustains the universal whole, from the bird tribes to the galactic totality.

Noosphere Nodes and the Synchronic Dreamtime

Noting that dream incubation, in various forms, has ancient roots across many cultures, with one of the most notable being in ancient Egypt. The practice involves ritually preparing oneself to receive guidance, healing, or prophecies through dreams, often within a sacred space or temple.

The call for Noosphere Nodes entails aligning ourselves with the daily synchronic order, intending to perceive a new narrative, and closely observing our dream states in groups of three or more.

Every Noosphere Node is viewed as a nucleus of living intelligence, transmitting and receiving information according to its unique geomagnetic location. Your node serves to release the knowledge held in the astral libraries that, through your group’s intention, open their ethereal gates. Like a galactic piñata, your intention taps the floating repository of cosmic information surrounding your bioregion.

The Noosphere also indicates the next stage of human evolution. Only with the advent of the Noosphere can we advance to the next levels of evolution, which are hyperorganic and superconscious, as defined by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan:

Hyperorganic refers to the ability of humans to use their sense organs as points for emitting energy and consciousness. This suggests that sense organs can telepathically extend outward, leading to natural phenomena such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. 

Daily Practice

Daily practices include recording dreams and tracking synchronicities; each node acts as a channel for cosmic energies. These energies, in turn, provide noospheric feedback based on the shared intentions of its participants.

All you need to start is three or more people in your area who align with the synchronic order and are committed to invoking a higher vision. Every group operates autonomously and can choose to work at beginner or advanced levels of synchronic coding.

We receive feedback according to what we put our attention on. This experiment is also for cultivating a planetary grid capable of instantaneously transmitting and receiving telepathic messages from outside this earth hologram—so that we break out of the 12:60 fog and receive new messages.

The synchronic order describes the order of reality defined by the natural 13:20 timing frequency. Noting that the Noosphere coordinates the whole of our reality according to the patterning of the synchronic order. This synchronic order cannot be perceived by the mind conditioned by the artificial timing frequency.

Daily practice also assists us in maintaining a state of continuing consciousness.  This is key for the time we are living. 

Cultivating continuing consciousness brings about a state of self-empowerment and an ability to discern through the maze of illusion that this world presents. What is most important is to pay attention to the invisible forces behind the world of appearance. And most importantly it is importance to stay connected to your heart, to love.

Each day we can practice sending a beam of love to the location on the planet holon that is coded by the daily kin. Envision all beings healed and whole. This way, every 20 days, we have taken account of each part of the Planet which increases our noospheric consciousness. See the PDF attachment.

General Instructions: 

1.     Form a Node: A node can range from 3 people to as many as 21. Share your location on the planet Holon and kin numbers of participants.

2.     Keep a Journal. It’s recommended to handwrite your daily codes, dreams, visions and synchronicities in a journal, as this method can tap into more profound memory and creative realms. Remember to record the dates of dreams and visions.

3.     Determine regular meeting times to share with your node (weekly is highly recommended). Consistency is key as it develops momentum.

4.     Determine a spokesperson. The designated spokesperson should consolidate key themes from dreams, visions and synchronicities and forward them each wavespell (or whenever you have data) to our dream-catching team. We will need final reports in 7 days before the report is created. 

For the first report we will need all of your submissions by Kin 48/Overtone Moon 23—December 7, 2023).

5.     Reports: Your submissions will contribute to a planetary report released every 65 days (galactic season). The first report will be put out on Kin 55 (December 14, 2023); and will continue every 65 days: Kin 120 (February 17, 2024); Kin 185 (April 23, 2024); and Kin 250 (June 27, 2024). 

      At this point we will reassess and and likely continue through the 2080 day cycle. 

6.     Intention is key. Allow intuition to guide your steps, recognizing that your specific location possesses a distinct astral memory bundle waiting to be accessed. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The key is to tune into the Higher Mind together and allow the process to unfold.  

Suggested Guidelines for Group meeting/in person or Zoom

This Noosphere experiment also helps us maintain our consciousness of the greater cosmic story. It gives us an anchor and support as we navigate through the choppy and surreal waters of the third dimension. 

Persons who have realized past and future are able to become interstellar mediators to directly receive galactic information from different levels of the electromagnetic ocean of the greater expanse of cosmic consciousness.  — Valum Votan

Thank you to Kin 63 and the Invisible College in Italy for activating the vision for this planetary project! 

Register your node here. 

Any questions contact and cc: These email addresses are also where you will send your reports.