Any discipline or field of study has its unique language, and Cosmic History, inclusive of the Synchronic Order, is no exception.

Cosmic History explores what is available to the senses, as well as understanding the relativistic limitations of sensory knowledge according to time, culture, language, etc.
We do our best to consider all the different languages, cultures, and conditions.

We realize that communicating effectively requires continuously upgrading and evolving our terminology.

Skillful means is the rule of thumb. Try to assess who you are talking to and what language best communicates to get your point across.

The essence of communication is not in the fixation of an isolated word,  but in grasping and assimilating the whole system architecture from where the knowledge emerges.

Nothing is fixed. All is evolving. 

All of this points to the need for mathematical language to assert itself. It is precise and lifts us out of conceptualization.

Some words and phrases from pre-2012 have lost their relevance, triggering associations that no longer reflect the present reality.

Still, as inhabitants of this “earth” world, we must use words to communicate.

It  is important to attune to the underlying whole systems concept that words are intended to convey.

But, why is there such confusion with words?

Tower of Babel 

The concept of the confusion of language, or what we now call the “weaponization of words,”  has a rich historical basis stretching back to ancient times.

Often, language has been used as a tool to exert power and control, and the complexities of language have, at times, been manipulated to obscure meaning and create confusion.

We can trace this to the Tower of Babel.

Babel is related to the word balal (“to confuse”).

This Tower symbolizes the distortion of communication, a concept further amplified today, particularly in social media. This distortion is governed by the 12:60 frequency.

Unless we make a conscious effort to lift above the distortion, this frequency influences our thoughts, decisions, feelings about ourselves and the world, beliefs, worries, and fears, subtly distracting us from Larger truths.

The Law of Time points to the Tower of Babel as the root error in time responsible for the world system we see today.

The Book of Genesis tells the story that God was unhappy about the creation of this Tower and so divided people’s tongues into different languages. Confusion ensued, and the city was never completed. ‘

Polarity and cognitive dissonance prevalent today, particularly in social media, are encoded into the Tower of Babel (12:60) matrix.

Ultimately, the Tower of Babel, or Babylon, is a state of mind: the mind of confusion, fragmentation, and compartmentalization.

It is the opposite of the holo-mind, or perceiving in whole systems.

Deciphering the metaphorical Tower of Babel within us calls for quieting external noise, tuning into our inner voice, our intrinsic wisdom.

It urges us to not analyze, ” but FEEL beyond language and polarization and penetrate the vibration of the whole system architecture being communicated.

In this regard, the Tower of Babel is a metaphor; it’s  the limitations of language as a means of communication of knowledge.

Telektonon Prophecy and Tower of Babel

The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan defines the Tower of Babel as the root of the error in time; it marked the point when unity was lost, when the Cube of the Law was fractured, giving rise to the Tower of Babel.

In this context, the Cube of the Law is wholeness and innate knowing, while the Tower of Babel symbolizes forgetfulness, leading to increased confusion and the rise of false authority.

While true knowledge is ultimately non-conceptual, our compassion and necessity compel us to communicate.

Should a term confuse or obstruct your understanding, feel free to substitute it with a concept more resonant with your whole system understanding.

When we perceive beyond literal words and immerse ourselves in the ideas they signify, we start to recognize the patterns and interconnectedness that compose the whole.

Remember, the essence of learning is not in the fixation of an isolated word,  but in grasping and assimilating the whole system architecture from where the knowledge emerges.

                                                                   Even as you breathe.                                                                                   

Telepathic registrations collapse light years of meaning into a single insight.

 Language can no longer communicate. 

Words become archaic. You become a number. 

You ascend to the centre and surround the interior of the whole with the space of no self. 

Who remembers? Who sees?

And who communicates;  and why and how?