1.1. Synchronotron is a telepathic language system that defines the underlying order of the multidimensional universe.

1.2. All of reality is unified by synchronicity. This is the fundamental teaching of the Law of Time.

1.3. The patterns of synchronicity are functions of certain mathematical matrices which can be defined, demonstrated, and easily learned.

1.4. As an intergalactic living system, Synchronotron defines and describes the compendium of laws and principles that describe synchronicity.

1.5. The Law of Time, 13 Moon calendar, Dreamspell, and Telektonon are all part of the Synchronotron system.

1.6. Synchronotron is a living system of telepathic correspondences that represent specifically guided communications from Higher Mind, which encompasses the entire multidimensional reality and connects certain advanced intelligence in an interdimensional order of consciousness.

1.7. Everything that exists, whether a thought, an atom, or a star, has a frequency. This frequency corresponds to a number and is registered in the telepathic frequency Codes of Creation.

1.8. In the Synchronotron, all number is communication frequency—the meaning of the frequency is timed to the moment it enters your awareness.

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