Turning the 7 Keys of Cosmic History videos give a taste of the frequency of the Cosmic History Chronicles. 

The Chronicles are memory templates in the form of seven books and are merely a fractal of the Greater Cosmic History.

Each volume was created in one year, including all of the images. The series was always intended to be revised, updated and reissued. This is the purpose of the seven keys, which form the foundation of this website.

7 Major Arcanum

Each of the seven Cosmic History Chronicles is named after one of the 7 Major Arcanum of the Law of Time.

Arcanum refers to mysterious or hidden knowledge known only to the initiate or one having the key.

1. Book of the Throne

2. Book of the Avatar

  3. Book of the Mystery

4. Book of the Initiation

5. Book of the Timespace

6. Book of the Transcendence

7. Book of the Cube 

Each video focuses on a key theme from one of the seven volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles. All 7 videos can be accessed by joining Inner Time, where ongoing teachings and content will be continuously posted.

Key 1: Find the Source of Your Perception                             Book of the Throne: Cosmic History Volume 1

Throne refers to the vantage point through which we view our lives and the world.

What lens are you viewing reality from? Is it possible to change lenses? How do timing frequencies affect perception? How do you see yourself from the other side? In this context, the throne represents the highest vantage point where we view reality omnidirectionally. Our new sense organ, the holomind perceiver, activates this view. With a shift of perception, new models of reality emerge.

Key 2: Understand Body as a Fractal Holographic System                                                                                                         Book of the Avatar: Cosmic History Volume 2

Our primal essence was embodied elsewhere, well before “the world as we know it.” The Avatar here refers to our self-realized fifth-dimensional being, our rainbow body (not to be mistaken with a machine-generated avatar). What does it mean to be human?

The human body is an instrument for grounding Cosmic History. Today we also explore what cosmic science is. How can we apply cosmic science to understand how our biological body is plugged into the greater fractal-holographic system? 

Key 3: Reclaim Imaginal Intelligence                                                                           Book of the Mystery: Cosmic History Volume 3

What is the highest reality you can imagine? The creation of imagination is one of the great mysteries of the world; it is what sets the human apart from the machine. The Creator endowed humans with a palette of sounds, words, colors, and shapes to see what kind of world they would create.

Imagination is the power or capacity to create or evoke an image that, through human effort, can be made manifest. Art serves as a bridge from the material realm into the telepathic realm. A key purpose of Cosmic History is to bring Imaginal intelligence back to the forefront of daily life. 

Key 4: Embrace Being Between the Worlds                                                               Book of the Initiation: Cosmic History Volume 4

Do you feel you are between the worlds where one world is ending, but the next has yet to be born? If yes, then you are undergoing a process of initiation. Pacal Votan was a supreme initiate embodying the memory of previous worlds and times. These memories are held within the container of Cosmic History, a between the world’s transmission that traces to the lineage stream of Pacal Votan.

The work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan revealed that Pacal Votan was not just a personality but a galactic intelligence showing that all teachers, teachings, science, and knowledge of past, present, and future are one unified mathematical construct. 

Key 5: Explore Timespace Through Your Galactic Archetype                                                                                           Book of the Timespace: Cosmic History Volume 5

Who are we in relation to time and space? When mind and space are unified, all times are simultaneously within oneself. What does this mean? Cosmic History is based on the Law of Time.

The Law of Time is an ancient wisdom that has been rediscovered in modern times. It reveals how the Universe is constructed on a mathematical structure and how numbers are archetypal essences independent of time and space. What is your galactic archetype, and how does it interface with time and space? What is the ultimate timespace?

Key 6: Transcend Conditioned Thinking                                                                     Book of the Transcendence: Cosmic History Volume 6 

How do we transcend our conditioned thinking and know other worlds and dimensions of being? Human consciousness relies on the five senses and is self-restricted to the limitations of the third dimension only.

A whole other reality is available than what is presented to our five senses. To transcend, we must first understand the whole biosphere (the sphere of life and its support system) is run and operated by the noosphere. Cosmic History includes coded keys for the development of transcendental thought forms that go beyond the previous levels of the limitations of conditioned knowledge.

Key 7: Embody the Cosmic Human                                                                              Book of the Cube: Cosmic History Volume 7 

What does it mean to be a Cosmic Human? Our body is ultimately a time travel vehicle. It is a time ship navigated by an operating system called Holomind perceiver. Book of the Cube lays out the mathematical structure of the Synchronotron: 441 cube matrix, a new operating system.

Number transcends language. Numbers are archetypal essences independent of time and space. Number represents a whole other dimension of reality. All of the teachings of Cosmic History are embedded into the new sensory organ, the Holomind Perceiver. Holomind Perceiver is the medium for comprehension, to make apprehensible a spectrum or fractal of the infinite—step by step, color by number. 


Reflection Exercise:  Contemplate the image to understand the whole system architecture behind the Cosmic History Chronicles.  

This image demonstrates that, as a whole, the seven Cosmic History Chronicles form a cubic lattice that assumes an interconnected sacred geometry. 

This geometry is known as the Heptagonon of Mind or Primal Cubic Parton.

Note that each of the “books” are coded by a radial plasma, each of which unlocks further levels of knowledge.

  1. Dali-Throne. 2. Seli-Avatar. 3. Gamma-Mystery. 4. Kali-Initiation.                               5. Alpha-Timespace. 6. Limi-Transcendance.   7. Silio-Cube.

Note that  Books 1 and 2 (Dali and Seli plasmas) describe the top and bottom of the cube; Books 3 and 4 (Gamma and Kali plasmas) describe the front and back sides of the cube; Books 5 and 6 (Alpha and Limi plasmas) describe the right and left sides of the cube; while the Book 7 (Silio plasma) defines the center point of the cube.               See Book of the Cube.