When the planet’s homeostasis, which keeps everything in balance, is sufficiently disturbed, then disruption or disorder occurs, and we enter a New Timespace.

The fifth Cosmic History Chronicle is called Book of the Timespace.

Timespace is a medium for the organization of intelligent life and forms. It can be thought of as the  physical and mental stage set for our consciousness to evolve.

Timespace can be understood as a projection from higher realms into the third-dimensional world of form. Much like a movie projector projecting a movie to earth, but the projector is in another dimension.

Any timespace is organized by timekeeping instruments. Our current civilization is governed by the 12:60 Time of the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock.

In this highly mechanized timespace, we are witnessing a further veering away from the natural order, the sacred order, into a more mechanistic, technocratic one.

Our ancestors lived in a very different timespace than we do.

For the ancients, timekeeping was primarily associated with the relationship between the patterns of stars in the sky and the cycles of nature, particularly the Sun.

The current Earth civilization can be referred to as Babylonian timespace; while the highest timespace is represented by the template of Tollan.

Tollan is derived from a Nahuatl word meaning place of cattails or place of reeds. It represents the place of primal order, the archetypal city of the Absolute that is also associated with the Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl.

The timespace matrix of Babylon is based on the seven-day workweek, governed by Time is money.

Timespace Tollan, in its primal state, is organized as a reflection of the Absolute; it’s like a mandala moved by the power of 13, which is the power of the feminine or Primal Mother.

When the ancient Babylonians were developing the zodiac, they left out the 13th constellation to have 12 signs for 12 calendar months.

The 13th constellation is Ophiuchus which is associated with the serpent. It is associated with Maldek. It sits in the zodiac at 180 degrees across from the Orion constellation. It is also connected with Osiris.

The hidden 13 is the key to transcending Time and releasing the dormant feminine frequencies.

Tollan represents the paradisiacal kingdom and the world of enlightened government in the Popol Vuh and other Mayan texts relating to Quetzalcoatl. In Tollan, life is lived as the reflection of a pattern in eternity or cosmic cycles.

Every culture has its version of Tollan, such as Shambhala. In the beginning stages of Chinese civilization, structures were built to reflect the temple of heaven.

In the Western tradition, Tollan relates to New Jerusalem or the heavenly city of New Jerusalem, as foretold in the Book of Revelations.

According to Cosmic History, the radiogenetic codes projected through the template of Tollan seeded the culture and mindset of the Galactic Mayans at the Time of their earthly incarnation.

Ancient texts also have their coded origin in the archetypal template of Tollan.

For example, The Popol Vuh states that Tollan was the city across the sea, where all early texts were brought. These texts carry seed code templates that instructed our ancestors to build cities, urban and ceremonial centers.

This is how the blueprint of Tollan was incarnated radiogenetically in the DNA of the Mayan and the Toltec people, the Nahuatl.

“Tollan can also be thought of as one of the starbases that projects information through our Sun and then into the planetary field. This information is projected and imprinted into the DNA codes and psi bank through mathematical geometries. The Popol Vuh says Tollan is the place where the gods appeared. This indicates the destiny of the journey toward this primal Tollan, where the people travel onward until they reach Tollan- Zuvuya.” -Valum Votan.

Zuvuya is where the past, future, and present meet. Tollan can be interpreted as the universal core we must first access from within.

Tollan is like an inner portal that we must find and open.

To arrive at Tollan is to arrive at our Source Pattern where knowledge is derived; It is the God Center that is reached through vibrational purity and is not based on religion, race, or tradition.

Any sincere person from whatever background can access it.

Popol Vuh and Tollan

The Popol Vuh says that the people leave Tollan at night looking for the first dawn. They are led by the four elders or star prophets, the Balam Quitze. When they arrive at the four crossroads: the red road, the white road, the black road, and the blue-green road, they each take one of these roads and are each appointed a different direction.

When the dawn arrives, Tollan is reduced to memory. The Popol Vuh says the people shall return to Tollan.

So, in light of Cosmic History, Tollan is an archetype that strives toward the unity of the One. Babylon is the restless desire of the spirit to explore matter.

Tollan represents the cosmos, the Absolute; Babylon represents history, the Relative.

Leaving Tollan is like leaving our inner center and detouring into History.

To return to Tollan symbolizes the return to a sacred order, which is post-historical, hence a New Earth, a new dream.