Here is an excerpt from Biography of a Time Traveler by Stephanie South that gives background context for the seminal Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems.

This book is based on the resonant field paradigm and introduces the psi bank, as well as the noosphere. It is a collection of 50 holonomic maps which require careful study and reflection. It’s not necessarily an “easy read.” The key point here is the process of how it came through and how this entire knowledge base was released step by step as a time release.


     “Late in the fall of 1982, José turned his focus to planetary geomancy while continuing intense studies of the Tzolkin. This work would be synthesized the following year in his breakthrough text, Earth Ascending.

What José originally intended as a book about geomancy evolved into a visual demonstration of the one law governing the unity of all creation, and the organic growth of humanity within the biosphere. Earth Ascending ultimately reveals that our planet is “not merely a member of a solar field of intelligence, but of a galactic field of intelligence as well.”

After much study and contemplation, José discovered the mathematical connection between the DNA, Benjamin Franklin’s magic square of eight, and the Tzolkin. The connection of these three components catalyzed the maps of Earth Ascending. José knew these maps as the blueprints of the evolution of cosmic consciousness on Earth.

Writing Earth Ascending also gave him the opportunity to integrate the information revealed to him by Tony Shearer, as well as demonstrate how the Tzolkin matrix is the basis of a complex phenomenon known as the psi bank: the fourth-dimensional telepathic switchboard.

This telepathic switchboard, he discovered, is the regulating mechanism of Earth’s evolution, the “thinking band around the planet” that Buckminster Fuller had suggested to him in 1969.

The psi bank consists of a set of mirror symmetry Tzolkins (eight total) that constitute the “psi bank plates.” This, he discovered, is the regulating mechanism of the DNA code. He recognized the psi bank as the “capacitor that allowed the template of cosmic communication to be revealed.” 

In a document written during this time, “Crystal Earth Geomancy,” José synthesized the planetary function of the psi bank: 

Earth is a highly evolved system whose evolutionary cycles are timed through operations of a crystal matrix core synchronized with operations of a psi bank, the planet-specific cosmic memory matrix. Geomancy as Earth divination is a radial matrix function. The purpose of geomancy is to activate through clear channels the one universal evolutionary law.

Clear channels refer to conduits connecting crystal matrix earth core functions to the psi bank. Through unimpeded clarity of such functions, Earth becomes the radiant organism to channel directives of the galaxy for the good of the galactic node of which our solar system is the center.

During the process of creating the maps for Earth Ascending, José experienced one synchronicity after another; it was like following a bouncing ball.

Earth Ascending displays in visual and binary mathematical form the nature of the next stage of evolutionary consciousness of the planet, the noosphere. It also includes a holonomic analysis of the present stage of Earth civilization. 

He wrote:

Essentially the future lies in the radiation of man. This refers first of all to the process by which each individual assumes responsibility for all of his or her actions, and with heightened awareness participates in increasingly integrated group efforts to establish a consciously oriented relationship between biopsychic energy factors and those of the environment. In the most general way this describes the new symbiotic technology, radiosonics, the basis of post-historic synaesthesia. (p. 113)